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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
Politico: It is time to go to Nuclear War with Russia    07/17/18  (93)
libs: sit down and shut the fuck up    07/17/18  (1)
well, what do your notes say?    07/17/18  (1)
00JJC: "I swear on my country, I will slay chicks in spy school"    07/17/18  (5)
Luiss cock is like a speed bag for my HPV    07/17/18  (1)
At a DUI arraignment for 6.5 hours today. 12 voicemails and 37 text messages    07/17/18  (5)
is texas' tom herman a "bust"?    07/17/18  (6)
guy in "I'll Bottom For Hillary" shirt leading charge in WW3 against Russia    07/17/18  (2)
Not a "foreign policy" guy, but why are libs against world peace?    07/17/18  (12)
just started growing oysters in my apartment, taking q's    07/17/18  (8)
Mr. Jinx wearing headset, leading Bangkok seminar: "Sell me this buttplug"    07/17/18  (36)
Can Carl Pelini help save Bowling Green football? (link)    07/17/18  (1)
just got a standup heavy punching bag for my home. Pretty excited    07/17/18  (19)
Best part of crypto = how INCLUSIVE it is. BTC moons -> EVERY shitcoin does (DTP    07/17/18  (1)
Lisa Page is kyoooot    07/17/18  (14)
Just watched Tucker. Standing O for Charles, that was 190    07/17/18  (116)
Is $350k HHI enough to afford an X5 M?    07/17/18  (5)
science experiment gone wrong: 17yo norwegian teen gives birth to an axolotl    07/17/18  (1)
Why is Russia our enemy?    07/17/18  (72)
xo 2017: 90IQ trumptard incels forcing good poasters to dumb everything down    07/17/18  (12)
How do choose NYC firms    07/17/18  (22)
Thick black girls who call you baby and spit on your cock as they suck it    07/17/18  (16)
CIA/America has never influenced elections of other countries    07/17/18  (2)
Trumptards are slowlyturning on him.Hillary 2020 is a given at this point people    07/17/18  (7)
GAY NYTimes Wedding Announcement - Rate Prestige of Couple    07/17/18  (9)
Pick two: skinny, big tits, sane    07/17/18  (48)
LOL @ America - generic insulin costs $10 in most of world; $250+ in the US    07/17/18  (7)
Wasn't Podesta's password actually "password"?    07/17/18  (14)
"just keep going; the blood will clot in a few minutes" (peterman)    07/17/18  (12)
News that pre-eminent U.S. Catholic Cardinal was lecherous queer fails to shock    07/17/18  (2)
XO is a complete embarrassment now.    07/17/18  (60)
Not a Trumpmo, been supportive/open minded, yesterday he fucked up    07/17/18  (87)
Anyone watch the house judiciary hearing with strzok? Fucking luuulz    07/17/18  (1)
Peterman died the way he lived - his head in a toilet w a butthole full of jizz    07/17/18  (24)
Reminder that libs want a nuclear shooting war with Russia bc they bought FB ads    07/17/18  (26)
I still get sick thinking about Ralph Cifaretto killing his stripper baby mama    07/17/18  (6)
TMF's dog at the vet, farting cum    07/17/18  (13)
dropping $5k a month for shitlaw lead gen marketing, prefstigious?    07/17/18  (3)
CapTTTainFalcon and Don Kihote on poppers, assholes dilated around traffic cones    07/17/18  (12)
REMINDER: NeumanMorgenstein stepped to DBG, and lost    07/17/18  (96)
vicious hippo attack (NSFW)    07/17/18  (53)
Pope Francis encourages US Dems, calling war with Russia "just" (Catholic Herald    07/17/18  (1)
DBG when will you tell us about the time you got PDDJ to do anal    07/17/18  (1)
Housepets FREQUENTLY fight over who eats which body parts when you die    07/17/18  (9)
It's so annoying when teenage black girls make fun of you at the beach    07/17/18  (31)
AZN girls built like black girls.    07/17/18  (17)
"But I voted for Obama twice!!" , bellowed the cuck as he nailed to a    07/17/18  (1)
Tmf you got fucking gaped in the umc thread son. Wage cuck LARPing LMAO    07/17/18  (87)
Most social changes have been driven by increased survival rates of children    07/17/18  (11)
Will Trump be primaried by a Never Trumper? Seems inevitable    07/17/18  (6)
XO Kyrie Irving throws "no black girls allowed" yacht party    07/17/18  (19)
Lib general launches strike on Russia to protect POE (purity of elections)    07/17/18  (1)
*let's out protracted sigh*...........................
......... rook
   07/17/18  (1)
What are practice areas that transactional and in-house attorneys can do solo?    07/17/18  (6)
Asians get a bad rap for the prole tell thing. That was pushed by kikes like DBG    07/17/18  (2)
"I'm in midlaw actually, a firm called Jones Afternoon."    07/17/18  (12)
Black girls are an untapped resource    07/17/18  (20)
I love having black girls suck my small penis    07/17/18  (12)
NFLX is cheap now, buy buy buy    07/17/18  (4)
Black girls hope asian guys hit on them more    07/17/18  (11)
possible to only be interested in black girls?    07/17/18  (63)
So who the FUCK dates black girls?    07/17/18  (50)
"No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant"    07/17/18  (23)
136 lb male spin instructor yelling at leolenin 4 checking ven price in class    07/17/18  (14)
Why are the black girls on this board obsessed with white guys?    07/17/18  (162)
So trumpmos dont care about small govt and free markets anymore?    07/17/18  (58)
Got a BLACK girls number last night. WTF DO I DO NOW?    07/17/18  (32)
Facebook algorithm removes Declaration of Independence as hate speech    07/17/18  (4)
Shitlaw boss informs you "this restaurant has two michigan stars"    07/17/18  (9)
A racist like you could have never voted for Obama twice    07/17/18  (3)
What's it like to work at Davis Polk, Simpson Thacher, S&C ,or Duane Morris?    07/17/18  (7)
Today I used my unemployment California debit card to purchase groceries    07/17/18  (9)
Ever think Libs would push for WWIII because their POTUS candidate lost?    07/17/18  (2)
Best part about WWIII for libs is libs wouldnt die and US would be new Japan    07/17/18  (3)
bunch of nurses at work were gabbing about russia rigging the election    07/17/18  (2)
"be here now" mouthed boner police's hold in alan watts voice as u tripped balls    07/17/18  (4)
Cashier here. Would going from Banana Republic to Vince Camuto be lateral move?    07/17/18  (2)
My boss thinks trumps dad immigrated from Mexico    07/17/18  (3)
Blue smoke: what do you think about BIG COCKs?    07/17/18  (16)
Juden Peterstein    07/17/18  (1)
DC OCI schedule: HoLove, WC, Jones Day, Venable, Duane Morris, Paul Weiss    07/17/18  (38)
Leaded Gasoline: Why Niggers Kill    07/17/18  (28)
Pretty sure Earl's attitude toward luis is a sign of lead poisoning    07/17/18  (6)
who is Sci-Hub tp?    07/17/18  (1)
Kinda paranoid about lead poisoning    07/17/18  (3)
Charlie and the Butt Fuckin Gay Ass Anal Faggot Factory    07/17/18  (34)
Sucks that libs will make history textbooks say Trump won due to Russia hacking    07/17/18  (32)
Brooklyn shrew pens NYT Op-Ed on life enrichment via pet.    07/17/18  (18)
local Chamber of Commerce = client generation?    07/17/18  (2)
Weird how all the Jewish posters hate Nebraska and xo Scott Frost    07/17/18  (32)
Sweet video of Vegas police chasing murder suspects, shootout (vid)    07/17/18  (38)
Is there ANY thread about 500k earners that won't generate 150 poa on xo?    07/17/18  (1)
Russian hacking vending machine to give ur fat gf free Oreos    07/17/18  (6)
libs: it's lead poisoning.    07/17/18  (25)
Earl, nutella other lolyers making 400k+. Do you feel like you are crushing it?    07/17/18  (142)
Frosted Tips for Scott Frost    07/17/18  (1)
NYTIMES: There are no second chances    07/17/18  (8)
Anyone else on AT&T and not getting any data service?    07/17/18  (1)
big Times piece on *Soros*    07/17/18  (17)
27 year old white woman suddenly into probiotics    07/17/18  (6)
Bort reptiles particularly virulent today as they carry water for Putin    07/17/18  (4)
crippling autistic rage    07/17/18  (2)
Putin holding Trumpmos mouths open gently as busts his NUTSKAYA    07/17/18  (4)
me and scholarship doing 3-week pilgrimage to glue factory 2 pay respects 2 colt    07/17/18  (7)
Libs: "Don't discriminate over race & gender!" Libs: "Fuck whites, DOWN WITH CIS    07/17/18  (1)
Haven't read much contradicting narrative that Putin pushed in Trump's shit    07/17/18  (3)
Libs: "being Gay is normal!" Also libs: "Trump and Putin are nasty faggots"    07/17/18  (2)
Biglaw leverage increasing yearly - ABA: "It's because everyone's going in house    07/17/18  (21)
What happened to mega poster Carl Spackler?    07/17/18  (4)
Austistic Chad mentally calculating the friction coefficient for your wife's vag    07/17/18  (1)
Trump counties are total shit    07/17/18  (2)
sim glitch: the 1987 movie 'Tucker' was about Tucker Carlson owning shitlibs    07/17/18  (1)
TMF and MND drive beamers and sleep on a futon what the hell    07/17/18  (51)
israel should be naked    07/17/18  (1)
Man o war u want to shoot hoops at Alabama ice house right now    07/17/18  (3)
are libs saying being gay is a gross bad thing?    07/17/18  (2)
israel should be nuked    07/17/18  (32)
Theresa Lund of Harvard deserves to get raped and abused by niggers    07/17/18  (5)
European Jacobin writers disgusted with American libs.    07/17/18  (16)
libs = niggers, faggots, flag-burners, and other assorted garbage of society    07/17/18  (22)
The Jew cries "treason" as he betrays you    07/17/18  (6)
Has anyone done a mashup of Yo Gotti's "Around the World" w Ronald Jenkees' "Thr    07/17/18  (1)
The Jew leaves the bathroom and always leaves the seat up.    07/17/18  (1)
Has anyone done a mashup of warmongering re Russia now and Iraq in 02-03    07/17/18  (1)
Rate this Tajik (Soviet Persian) chick    07/17/18  (4)
Just saw "HojRakso" written on HUGE Fedex package in service elevator    07/17/18  (5)
Do Probiotics Work?    07/17/18  (28)
Remember when you could live off of interest on $1 to 2 Million? LOL! Boomers    07/17/18  (1)
the scarce resource of Jewish self-awareness is at all time lows    07/17/18  (10)
What does breaking $480 per ETH after a month beneath it mean?    07/17/18  (2)
Come ITT to see some horrendous legal writing by a shitlawyer    07/17/18  (15)
So collusion now rests on Trump admin coordinating with Wikileaks to leak docs    07/17/18  (90)
Democrats are retarded. They support social welfare that leeches like me abuse.    07/17/18  (7)
"Just went to LATIN MASS 180 fuck libs" *beats off to interracial tranny porn*    07/17/18  (23)
GALLUP: 34% of Americans Now Name Russia As Biggest Problem    07/17/18  (1)
Libs: "Abolish ICE!!" Libs: "how dare you speak ill of the CIA!"    07/17/18  (8)
Just went to EPISCOPAL service FUCK REPTILES *beats wife into submission*    07/17/18  (2)
New Wave of Russian Heavy Meddle    07/17/18  (1)
Reminder: "Upset Jew" is the typical Israel-first Neo-Con kike    07/17/18  (32)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: "Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs"    07/17/18  (56)
Russians hacked my scalp and made my hair fall out    07/17/18  (3)
Mark Cuban devastates Trump on Twitter: It's not about security. It's about    07/17/18  (66)
Trumpcucks, do Voltchkov, Chesnokov, Kefelnikov and Cherkasov ring a bell??    07/17/18  (32)
End of Close Encounters of the Third Kind but its all your crypto money return    07/17/18  (2)
Any JRPG fans planning on buying Octopath Traveler?    07/17/18  (69)
Trumpmos: Did Russia meddle, or is Trump full of shit?    07/17/18  (28)
If the angry Indians here hate America so much why don't they just leave?    07/17/18  (2)
We put a man on the moon and KIRKLAND IN DALLAS!!    07/17/18  (5)

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