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MARRIEDMOS: how many of you have 180 marriages?    06/16/17  (102)
Rate this prole Jew Mexican "destination wedding" (pics)    06/16/17  (94)
why are Asians not good at creating companies"    06/16/17  (67)
Otto bro tried to hang himself and failed    06/21/17  (63)
If Trump really sells the Northwest power grid he is a faggot    06/20/17  (59)
Getting a decent job in California is difficult as fuck    06/21/17  (57)
ITS A TOUGH JOB MARKET: I just got dinged from a basic clerical position    06/17/17  (57)
Anyone here a nerd who resents "former nerds" who try to be un-nerdy?    06/20/17  (56)
Answer these 2 questions required for Management position    06/16/17  (56)
95 percent of Orange County cities are nicer than Pasadena    06/19/17  (55)
Very annoying how everyone is supposed to have a "story" or "narrative"    06/19/17  (49)
The children of all these turd and chink strivers are going to be a disaster    06/16/17  (45)
Can someone link to a funny "MoreDoughHi" post?    06/21/17  (38)
Wife lost job and turned tables on former employer in the most 180 way    06/16/17  (32)
To give non blacks a chance, Tokyo 2020 track will be painted like a crosswalk    06/16/17  (32)
Anyone in their 30s and not jaded as hell?    06/15/17  (31)
Pitbull mauls 2 young children in the back of a minivan    06/22/17  (27)
Are most unmarried women past the age of 36 difficult to deal with?    06/19/17  (27)
Litecoin going up and up..... BUY NOW!    06/19/17  (26)
Pamela Anderson literally looks 60y/o. LJL WHITE WOMEN    06/18/17  (25)
only 3 types of home styles are cr: Craftsman, Bungalow, Spanish    06/16/17  (25)
Damn so anyone can "host" hot high school girls from Europe like these? (video)    06/20/17  (23)
OCI: beard or no-beard    06/21/17  (22)
Ok but real talk here bros spaceporn is so low-IQ hes borderline actual retard    06/19/17  (22)
If ossoff wins, bad sign for GOP in 2018, right?    06/15/17  (22)
"the Democratic brand had become toxic in much of the country"    06/22/17  (21)
DNC head tweets blames whites re: philando    06/16/17  (21)
Should i become a professional process server in Orange County?    06/15/17  (21)
How long would Stephen Hawking survive alone on a deserted island?    06/17/17  (20)
Ever been to a femdom?    06/19/17  (19)
Why do national merit scholars rarely become business owners?    06/21/17  (18)
Just realized you can do fake blank bumps    06/21/17  (18)
Wide hips + thin waist/flat stomach = can make mediocre girl be hot af    06/16/17  (17)
my three year old can read.    06/16/17  (17)
Had an appointment at 11am. Recruiter called at 11:13am. Didn't answer    06/15/17  (17)
Lol so the vaunted ETH network can't handle 2000 reddit retards trying to buy    06/21/17  (16)
You bros got plans for this summer's total solar eclipse?    06/21/17  (16)
One thing I don't do is bump my own threads. I let the market decide    06/19/17  (16)
In "hot water" at work for always saying alleged before mentioning the Holocaust    06/19/17  (16)
How much does a fake passport cost on the dark web    06/17/17  (16)
Libs demanding Hispanic be found guilty    06/16/17  (16)
Survivor premiered in 2000 so how have there been 40 seasons already?    06/15/17  (16)
Would you buy this mansion in Mexico for $450,000    06/21/17  (15)
"b-but blockchain technology!" Peterman cried as I chained him to a block    06/21/17  (15)
Poll: What was your net worth the day you left biglaw for good?    06/20/17  (15)
HEART BREAKING VIDEO: kids try to kill dog with vat of glue    06/19/17  (15)
The 8 Wokest White People We Know - The Root    06/18/17  (15)
Guy claims portion of Antarctica that was owned by East Germany and wins (link)    06/17/17  (14)
Anyone else getting sick of thousandaire proles pumping $cams?    06/20/17  (13)
Why are people so terrible at word-based math problems?    06/15/17  (13)
What if media identified jews in financial wrongdoing like they do white men?    06/22/17  (12)
evan39 do you ever go up to Canada? Its a nice drive    06/21/17  (12)
If this thread gets 10 bumps I'll start a massive forest fire    06/20/17  (12)
exit options for a prosecutor?    06/20/17  (12)
Rate this email I'm planning to send to Mike, my wife's racist lover.    06/17/17  (12)
ITT we predict HOW the crypto bubble pops    06/22/17  (11)
Coworker crossed the line with prank email    06/20/17  (11)
Wow it is comically easy to buy grenade launchers & machine guns on the dark web    06/19/17  (11)
Just got an Apple Watch for Father's Day. Not sure what to do with it....    06/19/17  (11)
Mexicans in Los Angeles are fucking annoying as fuck    06/18/17  (11)
SLATE: odds of getting audited 4 tax evasion is 7/1000 if u earn less than 100k    06/17/17  (11)
Dad shoots and kills teen daughter with a BB gun in prank gone wrong (vid)    06/16/17  (11)
Bought a Nintendo 64, Mario 64, and Diddy Kong racing for $10    06/16/17  (11)
Fly fishing in Slovenia (pic)    06/15/17  (11)
"You call THIS a bull flag?" sneered the POWER SELLCUCK    06/21/17  (11)
New F-Zero game coming out in the fall, looks amazing (link)    06/16/17  (10)
"Taping" cars as a kid was 180.    06/16/17  (10)
Why are chicks from the Pacific Northwest so much hotter than normal?    06/15/17  (10)
Do substitute teachers get in trouble for sex with students?    06/15/17  (10)
If you were shitlawyer would u advertise on Craigslist    06/22/17  (9)
Kellyanne Conway decimates Jon Ossoff    06/21/17  (9)
wtf were libs thinking nominating a twink Jew in fucking GA?    06/20/17  (9)
Divya Narendra (Indian Chad from FB) marries cute blonde (NY Times)    06/20/17  (9)
Buddy at BoA told me they're developing their own blockchain    06/19/17  (9)
Rate this stupid financial question from a dumb goy    06/18/17  (9)
Wife sent nudes to my phone. What does this mean?    06/17/17  (9)
Just crossed $1M net worth    06/16/17  (9)
73 percent of women want men taller than 5'9    06/16/17  (9)
You guys can still get into the STATUS ico    06/21/17  (8)
libs, change your platform or never win again    06/21/17  (8)
College Sends Out Note Reminding Foreign Students Not to Crap in Shower    06/17/17  (8)
Orange County CEO is in need of a Part-Time assistant. Pay is $10/hr    06/17/17  (8)
One of the shrewiest instagram pics i've seen in a while    06/16/17  (8)
anyone take wellbutrin?    06/15/17  (8)
At what point should I start studying for the bar?    06/15/17  (8)
Typical Asians. Asian grading scale below: A=Average B=below average C=can't eat    06/21/17  (7)
evan39 i have prole relatives always borrowing money from my poor grandma    06/21/17  (7)
how defeated will libs feel tomorrow?    06/20/17  (7)
Jews say Steven Spielberg is greatest film producer. It's actually George Lucas    06/20/17  (7)
Hypo you have to beat jjc to death using 1 item in your office what do you choos    06/19/17  (7)
evan39 you could buy 5 acres in north idaho for 30k with mountain views    06/21/17  (7)
Of all the shitcoins BAT is definitely the dumbest    06/17/17  (7)
Friend is on Brave dev team. Saya BAT is a total scam. Sell it all or prepare to    06/16/17  (7)
Barn full of corgi puppies catches fire (sad video)    06/21/17  (6)
Dr David Duke destroys Al Sharpton    06/19/17  (6)
Cute Latina decimates conservatives on twitter    06/18/17  (6)
JUSt got an interview set up for sales position in Irvine!!!    06/18/17  (6)
Do you think Alex Atkind is a father?    06/18/17  (6)
Insulting to get your wife Pilates classes for her birthday??    06/20/17  (5)
Just signed up for coffeemeetsbagel everyone wants "spontaneous" "gentleman"    06/19/17  (5)
Will anyone here admit to eating a hot dog from Burger King?    06/19/17  (5)
Rate this Armenian woman's scam to rob credit companies out of millions    06/18/17  (5)
Bloodacre going extra large on PizzaCoin    06/17/17  (5)
Concerned our son is differently abled.    06/16/17  (5)
EU troops firing up the ovens at Auschwitz to bake flatbread    06/16/17  (5)
Competing site poster w/ big book of forcememes looking for bigger platform    06/16/17  (5)
my 1/4 jewish kid is smarter than your half-asian kid (xo 2024)    06/17/17  (5)
prole tell: relaxing, thinking (link)    06/15/17  (5)
Any examples of young(ish) lawyers leaving biglaw to start law firms?    06/15/17  (5)
Which post started this "assurance" business?    06/15/17  (5)
Peterman -TWERKING- on his bf, panting: "You can do it put your back into it!"    06/22/17  (4)
"Revenge porn" laws are stupid bullshit. Try not being sluts you dumb broads    06/21/17  (4)
Trump tweets that Ossoff's neck looks like a "stack of dimes" (link)    06/20/17  (4)
Do you think those ice bucket challenge videos were a scam made by fetishists?    06/20/17  (4)
Anyone know any Muslim shrews?    06/19/17  (4)
Texas hunter shoots deer with RPG (video)    06/19/17  (4)
rate this awesome microtonal electronic music:    06/19/17  (4)
Wild dogs attack and eat Russian man (video)    06/18/17  (4)
So pumos are just regular posters that at some point got pwned?    06/16/17  (4)
Dr David Duke SLAMS the GOP in scathing Tweet    06/16/17  (4)
who the fuck names their kid philando?    06/16/17  (4)
doesn't trump realize ivanka and kushner are destroying his presidency?    06/15/17  (4)
*has no trading experience* *bets life savings on the most volatile market*    06/15/17  (4)
Old gay guy at the gym said I looked like I was working hard    06/15/17  (4)
Natalies Journey: From Male CEO To Female Trailblazer    06/21/17  (3)
Jews talk so fast which allows them to trick ppl    06/21/17  (3)
What is the CR ETH price website?    06/21/17  (3)
Dr David Duke: European Americans wrote the Decl. of Independence    06/21/17  (3)
libs, you are complete and utter losers    06/20/17  (3)
Always buy sourdough bread without realizing. Fuck this shit    06/20/17  (3)
I really didn't think ossoff was going to be BLOWN the fuck out    06/20/17  (3)
Reminder: Europeans live like barbarians. No AC, washer/dryer, etc    06/20/17  (3)
I'm going to try to live good from now on and stop all the flame and greed    06/20/17  (3)
Iowa man named "Larely Begal" arrested for soliciting a minor (link)    06/19/17  (3)
Mind blowing how attractive girls are when 15-17 but get ugly at 25    06/19/17  (3)
Bought some prank claymore mines and put them around the office    06/19/17  (3)
Hipsters are increasing East LA real estate like no other.    06/18/17  (3)
UK parliament votes to exempt Islam from "no religion" line of Lennon's "Imagine    06/18/17  (3)
WLMAS do you think if you pwn enough "reptiles" online your dad will come back?    06/18/17  (3)
Skinny fat white guys with beards who wear dress shirts, jeans, dress shoes    06/17/17  (3)
Client told me I could improve my business by keeping my mouth shut    06/16/17  (3)
Soros Air Force airdropping Eurail passes on Raqqa    06/16/17  (3)
Obama changing his name so he can run again: "I always felt like more of a Barry    06/16/17  (3)
HS volleyball camera man fired for zooming in on players butts (vid)    06/16/17  (3)
how many ETH do you own out of every million in circulation?    06/16/17  (3)
Mid-30s shrew: helplessly watching declining fertility. You: helplessly watchin    06/16/17  (3)
UMC Europeans pay big money to work on ranches and go fishing in the "West"    06/15/17  (3)
Talk of bailout as Peterman's loose fuckhole is hemorrhaging computer coins    06/15/17  (3)
Halford forcing another helping of THROAT YOGURT down petermans throat    06/17/17  (3)