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Massive Mexican protest outside Aaron Schlossberg condo    05/20/18  (116)
Wife's personality underwent a major change post marriage & baby    05/20/18  (66)
Anyone else tired of beckersteds aw shucks Im just humble catholic rican sht    05/20/18  (65)
Learned to waltz at a church dance tonight (CharlesXII)    05/20/18  (56)
Anyone else ever think "What the FUCK am I doing on this board????"    05/19/18  (56)
Rate my new office art (CSLG)    05/20/18  (56)
Get married at 35 to 28 year old. You'll be fine.    05/20/18  (53)
At age 36, can Princess Markle even bear children?    05/20/18  (52)
an observation about 'networking'    05/20/18  (51)
Biggest sign of lib mental illness: unqualified opposition to death penalty    05/20/18  (46)
So I loathe religion but I see why its useful.    05/20/18  (39)
The Jordan Peterson + Stephen Fry vs. Libs debate on free speech is up    05/20/18  (39)
The Texas high school shooter was another MAF incel    05/20/18  (38)
I am a fucking failure    05/20/18  (38)
Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos Has Indian Boyfriend Twice Her Age (WSJ)    05/20/18  (36)
Can Jews be Chads?    05/19/18  (35)
Chandler taking Qs about shitlaw in LA/OC    05/20/18  (34)
DTP brimming with rage and discontent, taking questions here (5/19/2018)    05/19/18  (34)
TTs virtual office is now in LA    05/19/18  (33)
Incel Texas school shooter was rejected by one of the victims    05/20/18  (31)
Finland Court: sex w/kids permitted if your culture permits it (link)    05/20/18  (31)
A few quick facts about your wife/GF/mother of your children    05/20/18  (31)
Prince Harry is bald as fuck too    05/19/18  (31)
should i smash this prole texas chick with yuuuuge tits?    05/19/18  (30)
Am I the only poaster that doesn't know who Chandler, Kenny and CSLG are?    05/19/18  (29)
Great news friends! Third kid is a boy!!!    05/20/18  (27)
ITT you design my taco bell order.    05/19/18  (25)
Monarchies are so weird when you think about it.    05/20/18  (24)
Who is this "attidude" retard?    05/19/18  (24)
REMINDER: Peter North tp is the worst thing that ever happened to XO    05/20/18  (23)
yosemite sam fuming faggot, do you have any links to streams for today?    05/19/18  (23)
not being able to drink in the street makes american bar culture 120    05/19/18  (23)
Xo is top 1% chasing top .0000000000000000000000000000000
   05/20/18  (23)
Basically anyone poasting at this current moment is a huge irl loser    05/20/18  (22)
Companies that are secretly owned by Oriental conglomerates    05/20/18  (21)
So orthodontists >>>>>>>>
>>> doctor
   05/20/18  (21)
Only countries interested in world domination are US, Russia, China    05/19/18  (21)
Rate this Pumos explanation why 9/11 "doesn't count" in comparing muslim/white v    05/20/18  (20)
Really weird seeing late 30s / early 40s guys with toddlers    05/20/18  (20)
Libs, is Russian collusion worse than what AIPAC gets away with?    05/20/18  (20)
XO Shitlawyers: do you any visual gimmicks in your courtroom attire?    05/20/18  (20)
What's worth living for?    05/19/18  (20)
Rate this doctor itt lying about his shit declining profession    05/20/18  (19)
Why do people go to med school over dental if orthodont make 250k/yr & don't wrk    05/20/18  (19)
"I BUSTED MY ASS!" exclaimed the boomer    05/19/18  (19)
Striving is pointless in a dying civilization    05/20/18  (19)
Going in house is basically cutting your dick off    05/20/18  (18)
Remember Fire Alarm drills in school. Those were always 180 times as a kid    05/20/18  (18)
Ppl w no skills quit 350k jobs BC a partner was "mean" to them in an email?    05/20/18  (17)