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ITT we list women that WOMEN think are "beautiful" but men are mostly meh on    09/19/18  (36)
I'm a genuinely nice person but have no friends.    09/19/18  (33)
POLL: when is the last time you shit your pants?    09/19/18  (30)
Can a girl to whom you gave an STD sue you?    09/19/18  (19)
so what should my wife avoid while pregnant if i don't want homo sons?    09/19/18  (18)
Name one single girl hotter than Sarah Jessica Parker    09/19/18  (15)
Can't sleep. Anyone still post here?    09/19/18  (13)
Once boomers die off, "charities" are going to be a thing of the past right?    09/19/18  (13)
Mayor of San Diego commits to letting homless live in tents "indefinitely"    09/19/18  (12)
I support Dr. Blasey Ford's request for an FBI Investigation    09/19/18  (11)
NBC NEWS: Kavanaugh allegations are *more* than just he said, she said    09/18/18  (11)
rate kim jong un getting big dogged by s korean prez    09/19/18  (10)
Crippling gambling addiction = 180    09/19/18  (10)
does uspo get off on being insulted and demanded by pretty much everyone here?    09/19/18  (9)
Jewel shining in uspo's turban as he begins two hour xo spam session    09/19/18  (9)
Are solar panels flame or woah cr friend?    09/19/18  (9)
NYT: Accusations Draw New Attention to Kavanaughs Remarks About Drinking    09/19/18  (8)
elephant taxi just arrived (uspo)    09/19/18  (8)
if you date girls off Tinder using your real name you're literally insane    09/19/18  (8)
Why do white western women want men to fear ever hitting on women    09/19/18  (7)
NBC: Kavanaugh should not be on SCOTUS cuz he is actually conservative    09/19/18  (7)
Girl in new blade runner is really fat irl    09/18/18  (7)
can someone ask USPO to please bump tons of shitty baby goldstein threads?    09/19/18  (7)
9 days into 30 day no drink    09/19/18  (6)
srs q, anyone here NOT hiding assets in privacy coins?    09/19/18  (6)
Thomas Crown Affair (1999), - Yes or No?    09/19/18  (6)
Jizz like tears in rain    09/18/18  (6)
Join my LinkedIn network or I'll murder all your living relatives    09/19/18  (5)
LOL, Nate Silver, never not DONE HERE, says 80% chance libs will take Congress    09/19/18  (5)
Halp. Making $2k/wk serving in MFH but GF insists I get a "real job"    09/19/18  (5)
USPO should find a way to monetize his mental instability + brute force OCD    09/19/18  (5)
Libs, read this result and tell me you think Beto will win TX (link)    09/19/18  (5)
uspo tp is a dead ringer for "Great Tiger" from NES Punch-Out    09/19/18  (5)
Richard Painter sounds like an egregious faggot.    09/19/18  (5)
Kate Upton in Peter Cottontail    09/18/18  (5)
RATE this 180 pic I took    09/18/18  (5)
ggtp are you finding life as an expat depressing?    09/19/18  (4)
should I buy moar ETH at 210-220??    09/19/18  (4)
I just want to chill and do bed vibration, wife won't stop talking    09/19/18  (4)
Kavanaugh accuser is a 'Professor' at 'Palo Alto University' ljl    09/19/18  (4)
Time traveler from 1991 trying to stuff himself back into the time machine    09/19/18  (4)
not flame I'm actually 44 and work for Microsoft Tech Support in Bombay    09/19/18  (4)
Made ~101K today. 79K short of 180. Enjoy wagecucking tomorrow!    09/19/18  (4)
apple on a plate (pic)    09/19/18  (4)
Does anything smell worse than NIGGER BALLS?    09/19/18  (4)
Proof that Bert and Ernie AREN'T gay - gays aren't monogamous    09/18/18  (4)
Pope Francis: priests accused of pedophilia are like Jesus on Good Friday (link)    09/19/18  (3)
Chad surgeon and girlfriend allegedly take advantage of ppl    09/19/18  (3)
The Best College Football Programs Of The 1990s Are Suddenly Terrible [538]    09/19/18  (3)
NYT journalist Michelle Goldberg interrupts Bill Maher on MeToo (vid)    09/19/18  (3)