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Holy fuck the #MarchForOurLives crowds are ENORMOUS    03/24/18  (43)
High school student speakers are smarter and more eloquent than Trump; WHY?    03/24/18  (40)
would you do 30 months in prison for $104 million?    03/24/18  (35)
Preparing for DAT INDIAN BUFFET for lunch. Unnnngh. Any tips?    03/24/18  (32)
UConn women's bball plays worst D3 men's team. Who wins?    03/24/18  (29)
so libs are now saying fuck your prayers?    03/24/18  (23)
How will libs react when South Africa declines into chaos?    03/24/18  (22)
Yo Bloodacre you good?    03/24/18  (22)
Is it douchey to wear Harvard apparel if you only went there for law school?    03/24/18  (22)
A 38 year old man parroting internet memes to his friends. LJL! 180 BREHS!!!!    03/24/18  (21)
luis pissed away life changing money bc of dr dong meme    03/24/18  (20)
Libs: "Ban guns!" "Legalize pot! Prohibition doesn't work, people still get it!"    03/24/18  (18)
ITT: we predict the finale of The Americans    03/24/18  (17)
I will give 8 shares of Dropbox to first 88 posters ITT (Boondocks)    03/24/18  (17)
RATE: These aboriginal med school grads    03/24/18  (16)
Why do I fart constantly in the mornings?    03/24/18  (16)
David Hogg is kind of alpha in this video lol    03/24/18  (15)
Why do black people love jury duty?    03/24/18  (14)
Was there ever proof that JCM wasnt a weirdo dood running schtick?    03/24/18  (14)
My normie friends now virtue signaling by deleting Facebook    03/24/18  (13)
Noticeable decline in 2018 FSU sorority house    03/24/18  (13)
Republicans: let's make it easier for bad guys AND good guys to get guns    03/24/18  (13)
Poll: who wins NCAA?    03/24/18  (13)
Connection with GOD is the entire purpose of existence    03/24/18  (12)
What is the most prestigious type of pizza?    03/24/18  (12)
Daily Stoic, 3/24/18    03/24/18  (12)
Antinatalist FREAKS need to be PUT DOWN    03/24/18  (11)
student missed exam, even with extension, and now wants to take it    03/24/18  (10)
Cool longread on some dude who scammed the lottery out of millions    03/24/18  (10)
well-adjusted guy c/p'ing excerpts from Unabomber Manifesto on Saturday morning    03/24/18  (10)
Antinatalist bros: David Benatar faced off against Jordan Peterson!    03/24/18  (9)
did anyone's dad have a 'talk' with them about girls?    03/24/18  (9)
David Hogg has been rejected by UCF & Cal State Long Beach    03/24/18  (9)
it's sad how effeminate young men are now. they don't have a choice.    03/24/18  (9)
Don't worry. If yr a 30 or 40 y.o. fuckup Jordan Peterson will still sell u shit    03/24/18  (9)
Taylor Swift just ended her career. She just called for a ban on guns. LOL    03/24/18  (9)
David Hoggs parents look normal, what happened?    03/24/18  (8)
Have to wonder yet again why we bother discussing politics at all    03/24/18  (8)
Why I Left Judaism    03/24/18  (8)
Girl was eating out my ass and I accidentally shat on her.    03/24/18  (8)
Should I convert orthodox -> protestant?    03/24/18  (8)
I honestly never understood sports cucks    03/24/18  (8)
What the fuck is a RAMBLER?    03/24/18  (7)
Why does anyone give a shit about celebs' opinions on political/social topics?    03/24/18  (7)
Trump kicks trannies back OUT of armed forces    03/24/18  (7)
Julia having lavish dinner with a Wharton prof while on the waitlist at Penn Law    03/24/18  (7)
Lol at small internet startups like Uber doing self-driving cars    03/24/18  (6)
#freezuckerberg    03/24/18  (6)
Lol wtf Loyola Chicago won the championship in 1963    03/24/18  (6)
*David Hogg leads TV cameras into Tufts Univ Admissions Office*    03/24/18  (6)